User Interface Design Principles You Need To Familiarize With

User Interface Design Principles

UI Design Principles 2018

As far as the designing process is concerned, it is not just about editing, ordering or assembling. It is all about adding meaning and value to it. It is about many other things as well, including persuading, dramatizing, dignifying, modifying, clarifying, simplifying, illuminating and even to add meaning and value.


Clarity is the first job

When it comes to any interface, clarity has to be the most important and first job you need to take care of. People should be able to recognize the interface you have created. And they should know why they should use it. And that should know how the interface helps them. They should be able to predict how it will turn out when they use it. You can go for delayed gratification and mystery. But you should leave no room for confusion. Clarity has the ability to inspire confidence. You should not go for cluttered screens as it is not going to help anyone.


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Interfaces are there to enable interaction

Interfaces make the interaction between our world and humans easier. They can offer help in enabling, illuminating and clarifying. It also brings us together, manages our expectations etc. You will gain access to services with the help of interfaces. Interfaces have to be effective in the first place. And you can measure the effectiveness. The best interfaces can do a lot of things. It can mystify, evoke and inspire and intensify our relationships.


Maintain the attention

We get constantly interrupted in the world we live in. You cannot even read in a quiet place anymore. Attention is extremely valuable. So a good interface should be able to catch your attention without making an effort. You should keep all the distracting at bay from your interface. You need to honor attention in the first place. This will make your reader happier. And you will derive better results as well. You need to conserve attention.


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Interfaces keep users in control

Humans like their comfort zone. They feel more comfortable when they feel that they are in control of their environment and themselves. People don’t want to deal with unplanned interactions or unforeseen outcomes. They also want to stay away from confusing pathways. There is nothing wrong with stating the obvious.


Direct manipulation is always more impactful

If we are able to manipulate the physical objects in a direct manner, then that has to be the best interface. However, it is not always possible. Interfaces make it easy for us to interact with information in the digital world. When it comes to adding more layers to your interface, there is no one stopping you. But it might not be fruitful at the end. Instead, you should focus more on direct manipulation, which is more effective.


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An interface is deemed successful when people use it. And if the users find it useful, then you can say that you have come up with a successful interface. It has to be comfortable in the first place. It’s about creating an environment which is ideal for others to use it. Most importantly, it is not about satisfying the ego of the designer.

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