What To Remember When You Need To Hire Remote Developers in 2018?

Hire Remote Developers

Are You Planning to Hire Remote Developers?

A lot of companies go for a remote team these days. As far as businesses are concerned, staffing and outsourcing have become common irrespective of the size of the company. The popularity of the remote (virtual) team has been on the rise. However, that doesn’t mean that people are not skeptical about it.


Concerns regarding remote developers

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The biggest concern is that you are not able to see the people you have hired. So, there is no way you can ensure that these people are dedicated to your project. Many people have concerns about the deadline. Then there are many who are worried about the quality of the output. They are worried that output might not match your requirements. People are also concerned about the transparency in the work process. Last but not least, they are concerned about managing the remote employees.

Well, most of these worries are for nothing. You can address most of these problems with the help of clear communication and well-structured workflow. We are going to look at few useful tips for managing your remote teams in an effective manner in this article.


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Tips to effectively manage your remote teams

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Well, even the selection of the remote team is very important. And then you have to ensure that you are communicating in the right manner with the team. And there are remote management tools to help you with the whole thing. Let’s take a closer look at the process below.


You need to hire people who are motivated

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When it comes to productivity, motivation is an important factor. You can motivate them in many ways. First, you can share your corporate values and culture. Then you can give them an opportunity to apply their skills. Last but not least, you can recognize their professional abilities. All these will keep them motivated.

Always go for a motivated remote team. They should be willing to invest their efforts and energy in your projects. They will exhibit strong self-organization. And you can feel the overall positive attitude exhibited by a motivated remote team. And they will adjust well to the sudden changes in the project.


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You need to trust the people you hire

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When it comes to a remote team, trust is an important issue. You cannot see them work on your projects. This might make you apprehensive. Well, such a concern is pointless. Even with your in-house team, you cannot make sure that they are working on your project all the time.

Of course, you can see them sitting at their computers. But there is no way you can make sure that they are working all the time. And you assess their work on the basis of their output only. If they deliver on time, then you assume that they have been spending their time productively. Same is applicable here as well.

You can judge their quality and effectiveness by looking at the output they have produced.

Are they keeping the deadlines?

Are they providing good quality?

If these two are met, then you don’t need to worry about how they are getting it done. You can read reviews beforehand to ensure that you are hiring the right people. And there are websites like Clutch.co to check the reliability of the team.



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