What Makes Hand Coding A Superior Approach Compared To Site Builders

Hand Coding

Chances are high for you to come across one of those WYSIWYG website development ads since they have been on a promotion spree. These drag-and-drop website building applications have been catching the fancy of regular folks who want to develop a website from scratch. These applications come with their own pre-defined templates. It makes the whole process easier. But does that affect the quality of the website? Let’s find out.


Why is hand-coding better compared to these website builders?


Gaining 100% control

Gaining 100% control

First and foremost, the sites you build on site builders will remain with them. You may find it hard to transfer your website later. Most of the services function in this manner, making it difficult for website owners gain 100% control on their website. You will be met with difficulties when you finally decide to move your website to a new host. You don’t want to deal with this.


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It’s not really free

Even though these site builders claim that you will be creating a totally free website, there might be little truth in this claim. When it comes to most of these site builder websites, you might be forced to give free advertisement for them. And if you want to gain more control on your website, they will ask for money. In short, a service which was advertised as a free one will no longer remain a free service. And you may end up paying a higher amount compared to regular hosting services, which is totally uncalled for.


Clients find you irrelevant

Clients find you irrelevant

If you are developing this website for another client, then you should never use the service of site builders. If they want to use a site builder, they can do it themselves. So, they will be furious if you deliver something else. In short, they will waste their time and energy by hiring you. You don’t want to in this situation.


Understanding your own code

If you are really good at coding, writing your own code will not take much time. There is nothing complicated about it. It’s just that you take more time and effort to do achieve it. And especially if you are building websites for others, you need to write code from scratch. This will give you full control of the development process. You understand your code and this makes easier for you to fix the errors.


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Your code is far more efficient

more efficient

When it comes to the site builders, they can come up with unnecessarily complex designs. You will find it hard to understand the source code provided by the site builder as they tend to use a lot of unwanted metadata. You will find it hard to work with their code. There is no such issue when it comes to your own code.


Your own code provides better security

Better Security

As we all know, this makes sense. When you write your own code, you tend to be more careful. You make sure that your code is secure. Besides, site builders use same code everywhere. Hackers may have gained access to this code already, making your site vulnerable in the face of attacks.


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If you are serious about building a website, then you should never go for a site builder. If you wish to build a serious website for business, then you should always write your own code. You have 100% control of your code. You can look into every aspect when it comes to your own code. Last but not least, writing your own code wouldn’t take much time and effort.


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