Free SSL Certificate Generators To Look Forward To In 2018

Free SSL Certificate Generators

Are you looking for a free 256 bit encrypted SSL certificate?

Before we get into that, we would like to inform you that https is faster than http. But you need access to the root folder to make it happen. If you are running your website on a shared hosting, your site will run really slow whether it has https or not.

If you want to experiment with SSL Certificate with one of your domains, then we would like to introduce few free trusted SSL Certificate generators. How to get an SSL certificate? To have HTTPS on your website, you will have to generate a free secure certificate from one of those CAs (Certificate Authority). And then you need to validate it to make it work.


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Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is what we recommend first. It is a free, open and automated certificate authority. Internet Security Research Group is behind Let’s Encrypt. If you have ever tried to set up a secure website, then you know the hassles of maintaining it. Let’s Encrypt will be there to your rescue. You will be able to manage and turn on HTTPS with simple commands. You don’t have to be bothered about complicated configuration editing. You also don’t have to worry about validation emails. And you can stop worrying about an expired certificate wreaking havoc on your website. First and foremost, it is totally free. Next up, the whole process is automatic. Your web server will find it easy to interact with Let’s Encrypt.

You can also secure it in an easy manner. And it will take care of renewal as well, reducing the burden on your shoulders! Let’s Encrypt provides excellent security as well. It makes use of best TLS security practices. It allows site owners to secure their sites in an easy manner. Most importantly, it is totally transparent as well.


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WoSign’s KuaiSSL

WoSign's KuaiSSL

First and foremost, it is totally free. And it is totally functional as well. You have to deal with ZERO code to get it done. However, there is some worrying news. Apple, Mozilla, Google have declared that WoSign is insecure.


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It is a community-based Certificate Authority. is behind this. As an organization, they want to educate people on the significance of encryption. You can secure the data transmitted via your website with the help of this certificate. You will be able to digitally encrypt and sign your emails. You can authorize and authenticate users as well. Secure data transmission is what CAcert aims for.


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StartSSL Free

StartSSL Free

StartCom is behind StartSSL Free. It’s a totally free certificate system. It works well with the webservers. You can also do email encryption with the same. You will walk away with Class 2 and 3 certificates as well. You can also take advantage of Extended Validation Certificate. They offer free validation to their users. When it comes to other types of certification, they charge money.



It is important to make sure that your website has an additional layer of protection in the form of SSL certificates. You can start with a free SSL certificate generator. You can take a look at the names we have suggested. Weigh the pros and cons before you go ahead with a certain provider.


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