Do’s & Don’ts for Your Professional Website In 2018

Professional Website

Professional Website Do’s & Don’ts

Well, nobody likes to visit a dull looking professional website. If you wish to create an attractive looking website, then you can turn to some amazing tools to come up with a good-looking, professional and robust website. However, you are supposed to follow certain principles in order to make sure that you have a really good website. Let’s take a look at some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to web designing. We will help you to make smart choices.


Layout of your website

Well, when it comes to the layout of your website, not going overboard is extremely important. If you wish to create friendly browsing experience, then you need to follow UX standards. Creativity is amazing, but you don’t want to interfere in the process of building a functional website. One must always follow the UX recommendations. It is your duty to ensure that the navigation is intuitive and clear. You should not confuse your visitors with too many elements.


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Background images for Professional Website

Our biggest recommendation is to not use distracting images in the background. You should make sure that the background is inspiring for the visitors. A background should not be too dominant. You should get rid of all the distracting elements. Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that there should be a contrast between the text and the background.


Mobile design

Most people are accessing websites via mobile devices these days. Therefore, you should ensure that it looks great on mobile devices as well. It is your duty to optimize your content, whether it is text, images or other components you need to optimize them for mobile viewing. If the mobile version is not great, then it is not going to attract too many visitors.


Distribution of space

Distribution of space is an extremely important aspect. You should never clutter your screen with unwanted elements at all. We recommend you to consider content hierarchy. You should also use white space. The most important thing you need to remember is that overcrowding the screen with content is not going to work at all. It’s not a good idea to give too much away. This will be repulsive. You don’t want to do that at all.


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Color scheme

When it comes to color, it is not about beauty at all. You need to go for smart color combinations after all. It will be helpful for your branding as well as content. When it comes to web design, color is an extremely important aspect. In fact, it can have psychological implications as well. Therefore, you can never go with the random combination of colors for your professional website. Everything has a meaning.


Quality of images

You should never settle for basic quality. But there is no need to chase extreme quality either. The best strategy is to use high-quality images and then optimize them later. Only high-quality images will give you respect and legitimacy. You can use filters and crop to optimize your images. This will be helpful in getting the right look. Also, you should ensure that images are not that heavy either.


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Well, when it comes to professional website designing, there is plenty of dos and don’ts one need to follow. We have tried to cover the things you need to keep in mind while designing your website. You need to follow the aforementioned tips to make sure that you are doing all the right things.



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