Cutting Edge Technologies to Speed Up Your Lazy Website In 2018

Cutting Edge Technologies

If you wish to improve the speed of your website, you can turn to cutting-edge technologies. It is extremely important to make sure that your website loads faster. Else, not only the visitors but also Google will desert your website.


Story of 4 great technologies

Well, you can take the help of some great technologies in the near future to make sure that your website loads really faster. As a website owner, it is your duty to make sure that the response time is desirable. Let’s get familiar with those 4 important technologies which are going to assist you in the process. These technologies will not only increase the speed of the website but also increase the security of the website.


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source: cloudways

What is HTTP/2 in the first place? Well, it is an improved version of World Wide Web protocol. It came into existence in 2015. Google’s SPDY protocol made way for this one. Without any doubt, we can see that it is a lot better than HTTP/1. Also, it is really popular as well. It makes use of a binary protocol in place of a text protocol. Compared to HTTP/1, HTTP/2 is able to handle multiple requests at the same time. For instance, it allows you to load multiple images simultaneously. Another good thing is that HTTP/2 compresses headers. This makes the transmission a hassle-free process. You can expect a performance boost of 50% for the same reason.


SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate
source: godaddy

Speaking of cutting-edge technology, one can never forget the significance of SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers. It encrypts the connection between the browser and a web server. This makes sure that your data is secure no matter what. Hackers and cybercriminals will not be able to read the data you have entered. This makes your website really secure for the users. Whether you look from the business perspective or security perspective, it is an extremely important thing. You can buy SSL Certificate for a small amount. However, it is important to install HTTP/2 along with it.


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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network
source: gcorelabs/cdn/

CDN simply stands for multiple servers all over the world which improves the speed of the website. A CDN service keeps a copy of your static files and pages in all these servers for easy access. When a user accesses your website, the nearest server will access for loading these files. This improves page speed tremendously – this is exactly what you need as a website owner.

Besides, having a CDN service will make your website more reliable. It also reduces the load on your hosting server. Or in other words, you will experience fewer instances of website crash. You will be able to improve the speed of the website tremendously with the help of an efficient CDN service.



source: smashingmagazine

Google introduced this data compression algorithm a few months ago. It is an open source algorithm. It has the ability to reduce the size of the data. It offers a compression ratio between 20 to 25%. That way, it is better than many other solutions.


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When it comes to improving the speed of your website, you can take the help of cutting-edge technologies we have mentioned in the article. These technologies are essential to make sure that your website loads really fast. It’s high time for you to embrace them if you haven’t already.



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