Not To Miss Best WordPress Development Strategies in 2018

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Best WordPress Development Strategies in 2018

WordPress is the leading Content Management System for web development. It is challenging as well as exciting to work with WordPress. WordPress is an open source platform which is totally free. However, the dynamic nature of WordPress makes it ideal for developing almost anything. The popularity of WordPress will tell you that it comes with a lot of advantages. But it comes with many disadvantages as well. A developer might face many challenges during the development phase. WordPress allows you to work seamlessly with more than one language.

Developers sometimes go overboard with this freedom, landing in trouble. There can be after-effects which might be unpleasant for the developer. When you leave the code in a haphazard manner, it can pose a challenge later when you try to debug the site. And that is exactly why you need to plan everything from the beginning. You should be able to retrace the path when needed. Therefore, it is important to keep your code clean and clutter-free. Let’s take a look at few best practices you are supposed to follow during WordPress Web development.


File organization

File organization is an extremely important factor when it comes to coding. Think of it, it is really difficult to trace something in a 1000 line code. When you organize your file, you will be able to debug the codes later without any difficulty. When you worry about deadlines you tend to be sloppy with file organization. This can be a costly mistake later on. It is really crucial to get into the habit of working sequentially. You should follow this for every aspect of the development process.


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Naming is crucial – go for unique and standard names

It is important to follow a standard naming convention. Whether it is database tables, class names, global variables or option names, one needs to follow proper naming convention. You should always stick to the pattern you have chosen. And you should tell other developers to follow the rules strictly. It is important to avoid conflicts later. You should make sure that you are not repeating the names as it can lead to all sorts of troubles later on.


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Plugin development

When it comes to any website, plugins are extremely important. If you wish to use a theme-based plugin, then it is important to have the proper knowledge to handle it. You should never forget the basic rules. At the same time, theme depending too much on plugins is not a good thing. It would be ideal if you reduce your dependence on themes as well.


Dealing with multiple languages

Since WordPress gives the freedom to use multiple languages, developers fall into trouble all the time. You are allowed to use PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the same file. However, it is not a good practice at all. This mixing and matching of languages can be a root cause of all problems in your code later on.


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You need to format the codes

Formatting is an extremely important thing during coding. But developers don’t pay attention to this most of the time. If you don’t want to deal with a nightmare later on, then you need to follow proper formatting. It needs to be done in a consistent manner.



Yes, working with WordPress is indeed exciting. However, it can turn out to be a nightmare if you discard the good practices. Dealing with WordPress can be a challenge if you have a habit of being sloppy during the development process. Given that, you need to make sure that you are following the aforementioned practices.



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